Riminder updates
Riminder updates

Parsing performances upgraded





We upgraded the Parsing performances. Candidates infos detection such as phone numbers, email and location is significantly enhanced.

See here for more infos.

Improved security with Domain Whitelist





Domain whitelisting in Riminder's solution is a security model that controls access to outside domains.

Your developers can then enable/disable whitelisting and declare access to specific network domains and subdomains.

Find out more about the Domain whitelisting here

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New charts available on the Plateform





New API charts are available on the Platform in the API section.

You can get full insights about the API calls for all routes made by your team.

The trends allow you to monitor your activity monthly, weekly or daily.

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Edit candidates rating with API





The new API route "Rating" allows you to edit candidates rating related to a given filter.

You can give your opinion regarding the relevance of a profile by rating it from 1 to 4.

Find out more about the Profile Rating here

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The Enrichment is a new feature available from the API





The enrichment reveals the skills' level but also goes further by predicting and estimating the hidden skills.

You can therefore get the full picture of your candidates real potential and derive insights from its career path.

A new route is available in the API to get profiles enrichment information.

Find out more about how to use the enrichment route here

Parsing extracts the driving license and date of birth





Our parsing solution also extracts from the resume the different types of driving licenses and the date of birth.

The results are available in the json file and in the augmented CV. You can get them through the API or the plateforme.

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The asynchronous Parsing becomes 4x faster





Riminder's commitment for continuous improvement is materialized by the asynchronous Parsing performance. Its performance has been significantly improved and is now 4x faster. The overall resume asynchronous Parsing is now achieved within 12 secs.

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New Dropzone Design





Our dropzone just got a new design.

Furthermore, now you can customize the color, width and height of the dropzone to fit your website brand and visual identity

Find out more about the dropzone source here

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Relevant information highlighted in the Augmented Resume





Automatically identify and underline semantic entities in a resume. Highlight the top experiences and education regarding the job you're assessing the candidate for.


Create a Neutral Template





The Neutral Template allows you to sort through your talent pools using search functionalities. You can create a Neutral Template and start looking right away for profiles using Skills, Tags, Education & Experience levels and Geolocation.

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