Api profile route fix

We added the Query Params source_id to the PROFILE ENDPOINTS: PATCH and GET in order to insure the unicity of profiles per source.

See here for more infos.

New Reports feature available

With the new Reports feature, you can now access the stats associated to your sources : how many profiles were received and assessed, for each job type and each source you follow.

Different filters are available to help you get key insights on the performances of your different sources.

See here to check how to compare your sources efficiently.


Webhook integration

The new event’s Webhook integration allows you to receive real-time information about the analysis of your databases of profiles.

Thanks to Webhook, you can now:

  • get notified when a profile is extracted (or parsed).

  • get notified when a profile is scored for a particular job.

  • get notified when a profile is assessed by a colleague.

You can find more infos on Webhooks here, and learn how to set them up.


Share profiles with your partners through Marketplaces

With the new Marketplace feature, you can now expand your sourcing abilities by sharing profile sources with your partners.

You can now either:

The receiver will gain access to every resume received by the sender via this source, as if it was his own source. Marketplaces are ideal for groups of startups that want to unite their recruiting efforts, or for job fairs.


Duplicate your sourcing abilities with Riminder's Marketplace.

Browsing History feature available

You can now have access to the browsing history of your candidates on your website right before they applied.

From the IP adress to the type of device and OS used to make the application, you can acquire key insights that can help you optimize your online recruitment strategy.

Have a look here to see how to access it.


New Cvbot Design

A new Cvbot design is now available. The new design integrates seamlessly with your page, with colour and position customisation now possible.

Give your candidates an even better application experience and multiply your sourcing. Full Demo

2017-12-19 17_31_36.gif

Slack Integration

You can now integrate Riminder with Slack and share with your teams notifications about the actions taken on profiles.

See how you can set it up in less than 2 minutes here.


Trello Integration

You can now integrate Riminder with Trello and build a customized recruitment flow with your team.

See how you can set it up in less than 2 minutes here.

New Profile Details Display

A new profile details display is now available. At the top, you can see general information about the profile such as contact, relevance score and job title actions. Detailed information is now segmented in 3 tabs :

  • Documents : This tab shows the original and processed application documents : resume, cover letter and other documents.

  • Skills : Languages, required Hard and Soft skills for the position, and the dark colored skills fulfilled by the profile

  • Mobility : the relevance score of the profile for all the open job titles

Riminder Website API is now available

The Website API allows you to go beyond the features we provide out of the box and build something better suited for your needs.

Learn more about how our API works in our docs.

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