Zapier Integration

Our new Zapier integration allows you to connect Riminder with +300 powerful web apps to automate your workflows and streamline your recruitment process.

Discover the opportunities offered by Riminder + Zapier and see how you can set it up in just a few minutes for Sources and for Destinations.

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Filter profiles by education and experience levels

You can now add detailed requirements regarding your profiles' experience and/or education levels. It is very useful when hiring interns or roles that require a specific level of professional experience.

Read more here on how to set up your Filters' criteria.


Using the API with our new Ruby package

Following Node JS, Python, PHP, C# and Java, Riminder's API is now supporting a new Ruby package, focused on simplicity and productivity.

Learn here how you can use our API to build something better suited to your needs, and get started with Ruby now. ruby.001.jpeg

Integrate Riminder in Java

Our API is now supporting a new developer-centric Java package to integrate Riminder in minutes with any HR Software System. riminder+java.jpeg Get started now here and read our full documentation.

Automated imports and exports

You can now import and export profiles from and to your Riminder's account within moments thanks to the new Python scripts we've developed for the Enterprise plan. It is very useful to:

  • Post a bunch of profiles, whether they are structured or not;
  • Get profiles from Riminder given specific criteria.

Check the documentation here for imports and here for exports.

New Webhook actions

The new events' Webhook integration allows you to receive real-time notifications about your profiles' feedbacks on Riminder.

Through our Webhooks, you can now:

  • Get notified when a profile is (un)successfully labelled as YES, NO, LATER
  • Get notified when a profile is (un)successfully rated, i.e. has been given a star-rating feedback

You can learn more about Webhooks here, and learn how to set them up here

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C# package available for our API

Beyond Python, PHP and Javascript/Node, we're now supporting a C# package to make it easy for you to use our API.
C# is a very popular software development language within the Enterprise community.

Learn more about how our API works in our docs and get started with our C# package here.


Predict skills and their expertise level for better hiring decisions

For every profile, see predicted skills the candidate didn't mention in their resume and their levels of expertise:

  • Soft and Hard Skills
  • Special Skills, making this profile stand out
  • Transversal Skills developed and leveraged by the candidate throughout each stage of their career
  • Filter Skills expected by the recruiter for this given job Filter

This will allow you to focus on the strongest and most crucial skills for the position during your interviews.

See here to understand skills on Riminder

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Source from LinkedIn with our Chrome extension

Browsing on LinkedIn and coming across relevant profiles for your company? Simply:

  • Click on the Riminder extension to analyse the profile;
  • Select the Source you want to feed;
  • Import it straight to your Riminder's account.

Download it here and see here how to set it up.

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Introducing Riminder's new profile feed

Now, you can directly see on the feed key insights about a profile and what makes it relevant for a given job Filter.

Avoid opening each profile to get more details and see at a glance the most important information:

  • Most relevant experience and education for the Filter
  • Top companies or skills according to the Filter and their levels of expertise
  • Full name and seniority
  • Application date

The name of the Source through which the candidate applied also becomes more easily accessible.

Check here to see how to use the feed to identify relevant candidates.

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No published changelogs yet.

Surely Riminder will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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